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pimg class=”alignright” title=”Sweeeet!” src=”” alt=”honey” width=”320″ height=”212″ /Today#8217;s a title=”Dear Mark” href=””Dear Mark/a question and answer post is a quick one #8211; a two parter. First, I discuss the anti-allergy merits of real, raw, unprocessed local honey and include my own harrowing experience with using raw honey to combat a pollen allergy. Then, I address the fall-from-grace of a prolific resveratrol researcher shown to have fabricated his data, and I discuss what it means for resveratrol research at large./p
blockquotepAs a side business, I sell local, raw, unpasteurized honey. I would love to see a Daily Apple column on honey and honey production (local vs large-scale (esp. from China), natural hive treatment vs antibiotic use on hives, filtering, non-homogenized vs homogenized, etc.). I often have people who are reluctant to buy my honey because it crystallizes and is cloudy.  These are natural processes and desirable characteristics as the pollen and propolis […]

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Primal Scotch Eggs

pimg class=”alignright” title=”Primal Scotch Egg” src=”” alt=”scotchegg2″ width=”319″ height=”233″ /Although its reputation is improving, British food isn’t exactly known for being haute cuisine. Unpretentious comfort food is more like it. Some might argue that it’s a little bit too unpretentious #8211; would a few more spices and a color scheme that wasn’t brown or beige really be so wrong? However, the lack of pretension is exactly what some find so charming about British food. This might explain why a traditional dish like Scotch Eggs is suddenly enjoying a new burst of popularity. It might also just be that a hardboiled egg wrapped in sausage meat and deep-fried until crispy is pure genius./p
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pReally, what could be better for breakfast or an afternoon snack than a Scotch Egg? Let’s rephrase that…what could be better for breakfast or an afternoon snack than aem Primal Scotch Egg/em? The difference is slight – a […]

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Fat Loss Forever (John Romaniello)Posted onJanuary 21, 2012byKevin John Romaniello John “Roman” Romaniello has a new fat loss program coming out next week.  You can read my review here: Fat Loss Forever Review.  This program combines intermittent fasting and some of the fat-burning workouts Roman is known for.  These have all been tweaked to help you burn fat as quickly as possible.   You can click here to get a free e-report: Five Diet Rules You Must Break. This article is written by KevinAbout Kevin Please follow me on Facebook,Twitter, or Google+ so you’ll be updated when I post an article. View all posts by Kevin This entry was posted in Weight Loss. Bookmark the permalink.

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Fat Loss Forever (John Romaniello) | Lose Fat, Build Muscle

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pIt’s Friday, everyone! And that means another a title=”Success Stories” href=””Primal Blueprint Real Life Story/a from a Mark#8217;s Daily Apple reader. If you have your own success story and would like to share it with me and the Mark’s Daily Apple community please contact me a title=”Contact Me!” href=”” target=”_self”here/a. I’ll continue to publish these each Friday as long as they keep coming in. Thank you for reading!/p
pimg class=”alignright” title=”Primal Blueprint Real Life Story” src=”” alt=”real life stories stories 1 2″ width=”320″ height=”240″ //p
pI just celebrated my 29th birthday, and thanks to this lifestyle, I’m almost completely pain-free for the first time in over 10 years. I made the switch about 5 months ago, but unlike a lot of people who find the a title=”The Primal Blueprint” href=”” target=”_blank”Primal Blueprint/a, I wasn’t looking for a change./p
pIf you had asked me 6 months ago, I would have told you that […]

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pimg class=”alignright” title=”The Pill” src=”” alt=”thepill” width=”320″ height=”212″ /Over the years I’ve received questions about the Pill on a pretty steady basis. As one female reader put it, if you go Primal and do all the work of normalizing your hormones, does taking the Pill undo all the good? Are the cautionary rumors I hear just overblown, or are there substantial risks? What about taking the Pill for a longer period of time? Does it matter if I’m 45 as opposed to 25? Clearly, there are a lot of questions and nuances here. Let’s do what we can to unpack this subject./p
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pBefore I begin, let me offer the reasonable caveats. Yes, I’m a guy writing about a women’s medication #8211; a rather personal one at that. I get it. I want to tread gently in these arenas. To be sure, the Pill marked a revolution in reproductive planning. It […]

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Kick Off the New Year with KnuckleUp!

Alright gentlemen, step away from the computer, this party is for the ladies only. KnuckleUp is hosting an entire afternoon of health and fitness activities aimed at women. It’s going to be a great time, and a great way to set a great tone for 2012!
New Year Resolved
Every year people make New Year’s resolutions to get fit and eat healthy, and probably more than a few of you reading this now did the same thing. But making a resolution is the easy part. Trying to actually live by it is a lot harder! So Amanda and Jordyn have decided to put together various activities to help you learn to live a healthier lifestyle.

Amanda and Jordyn will be hosting the event, and there’s more than a few things to get into. Amanda has been doing a great job teaching the cardio kickboxing classes, and Jordyn has finally brought Zumba to our […]

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Transformation Diet Plan

I apologize for being absent the past while.  It’s been a busy last couple months, and in January…well, all hell breaks loose in January if you work in the weight loss industry.
It’s that time of year where everyone has made a resolution to lose weight and transform their bodies. And it’s the time of year where the internet is FLOODED with new diet strategies.
Some Crazy, Some Foolish, Some Dangerous…and a couple of gems.
It is also the time of year where all the new Transformation Contests start.
As you can imagine Transformation Contests + New fad diets = Recipe for diet disaster, horrible rebounds and feelings that you just can’t do it.
So, in order to do our part for helping prevent the fad crash diet mess from happening to you, John Barban and I have created a complete guide to PROPERLY managing your way through a body transformation. (This is why I […]

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How Might Inflammation Cause Heart Disease?

pimg class=”alignright” title=”Beep Beep” src=”” alt=”heart” width=”319″ height=”254″ /Despite its obsessive focus on a title=”The Definitive Guide to Cholesterol” href=””cholesterol/a levels as the ultimate arbiter of cardiovascular disease, most of the medical field agrees that plenty of other factors also contribute: tobacco usage, psychosocial stress, activity level, and genetic predispositions. In short, a diverse set of lifestyle and genetic factors are consistently associated with cardiovascular disease. This is accepted in the ancestral health community, just as it#8217;s accepted in the mainstream medical community, but the question remains #8211; why? Why does a title=”The Definitive Guide to Stress, Cortisol, and the Adrenals: When ‘Fight or Flight’ Meets the Modern World” href=””stress/a contribute to heart disease? How does smoking tobacco increase the risk of heart disease? Why are both the sedentary and the a title=”8 Signs You Are Overtraining” href=””overtrained/a at a higher risk for heart disease?/p
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pWell, as I#8217;m (and others […]

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Are you ready to lose fat and build endurance and strength in less time? If so, get ready – you’re about to learn about a cardio method that only takes 20-30 minutes three times a week and gives you the same (if not more) benefits as steady-state cardio.I frequently mention HIIT – high-intensity interval training – on Facebook and Twitter because it’s my get-it-done cardio method. I get bored doing long bouts on the elliptical and HIIT makes the time go fast. Not only can I burn mega calories but I feel energetic for hours after HIIT and have seen my aerobic endurance increase.And just as with weight lifting, you need to vary your cardio workouts to continue seeing results. If you use the same speed, for same amount of time, on the same machine day after day, your body will soon adapt and stop working as hard

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Using HIIT for Weight Loss, Endurance & Strength

pimg class=”alignright” title=”Tiredsville” src=”” alt=”tired” width=”320″ height=”212″ /Since we#8217;ve been on an a title=”How to Tell If You’re Inflamed: Objective and Subjective Inflammatory Markers Read more:” href=””inflammation kick/a the past couple weeks, I figured I#8217;d start covering some of the areas of health and lifestyle that interact with inflammation. That doesn#8217;t exactly narrow things down, seeing as how inflammation is involved in just about everything, but it does give me plenty of things to discuss. Today#8217;s topic, exercise, was a little tricky, because the relationship between exercise and inflammation is anything but straightforward, seemingly fraught with inconsistencies and facts that appear to contradict one another. Exercise reduces inflammation, but it also increases it. And depending on the context, this increased inflammation due to exercise is either a good thing or a bad thing./p
pSound confusing?/p
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pSee for yourself. Study after study (epidemiological and clinical alike) shows that extended exercise programs […]

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