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It seems like winter colds strike with a vengeance right now, at the end of the season. In my household we drink literally gallons of ginger and honey tea during the cold months. Fresh ginger tea is delicious, and it wards off colds pretty well. But when I was felled last week by a particularly nasty cough, I had to turn to something stronger.


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In my article titled “Why Cardio Is Not Your Answer to Weight Loss!” I talked about metabolic resistance training being the most important type of exercise to do for weight loss.Q: What exactly is “metabolic” resistance training?A: Metabolic resistance training, simply defined is: training with resistance that elevates your metabolism. The calories that you burn AFTER you train are what count in this type of training. The goal is to create more work for your body, restoring itself to pre-workout levels, so that you’re burning more calories for the next day and a half.

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HealthFIT News: Metabolic Resistance Training defined

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