Part two of my interview with nordic body fitness champ and intermittent fasting user Kristine Weber.

Me: Could you describe your training routine – for example, do you have a preference for lower or higher volume, or lower or higher rep ranges? Do you stick with the basics or do you include a lot of assistance movements to target smaller muscle groups?
Kristine: I like to variate my training when it comes to volume and rep ranges. I have stuck with a 2-split since I started and it works good for me. I prefer lower reps with higher volume, so I often train a 5×5 program. Then I usually go over to high reps with lower volume, I try to have a period of 3-4 weeks before I change it around again. I have since the summer trained after something called “myo-reps” and it has worked very well. It emphasizes the importance […]

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Dear Readers

From time to time I’ll get an email from a Mark’s Daily Apple reader that just throws me for a loop. It might be esoteric, simply outside of my core knowledge, or just downright strange. Still other questions are best answered by consensus.
When enough of these spill into my inbox I’ll crowdsource the questions, opening them up to the infinite wisdom of the MDA community. This has resulted in some great discussions in the past (Dear Readers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5).
Well, it’s that time again. Help out a fellow MDAer with a response in the comment board. Thanks, everyone!

Question 1
I’ve been reading your blog for some time, but looked at it in a new light after hearing you on The Art of Manliness podcast.
I have to say, the Primal Blueprint is basically a very exact way to spell out how I’ve thought about food for a while – what […]

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Words of Wisdom

“If hunger is not the problem, then eating is not the solution”

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Here are 5 great reasons to remind you why cardio is not the way to go for fat loss…unless you enjoy all that time in the gym.

Posted by Joel Marion

Over the next week or so we’re going to be talking quite a bit about metabolic resistance training (i.e. “cardio with weights), but before we do I want to address something that slightly concerned me when reading through the stack of VIP one-on-one consultations in my inbox and many of the exercise-related questions coming in.

Apparently, many people are still stuck doing long duration, low-intensity cardiovascular exercise — yikes!

Here’s the deal: if you’re looking to achieve maximal benefit from the time you put into your workouts, long duration “slow-go” cardio is NOT the way to go, and for many reasons.

Here are my top 5:

1. Minimal calories burned — 45 minutes on the treadmill may burn a whopping 300 calories if you’re lucky, the equivalent of ONE TENTH of a pound of fat. Exercise ten hours a week and you might just lose a pound!

Which brings me to my next point:

2. Way too much time involved — I don’t know about you, but I don’t have hours and hours of my time to pour into working out each week. In fact, very rarely do I ever exceed three hours of exercise weekly, and you know what? That’s ALL you need.

Beyond that, slow-go cardio is:

3. BORING as heck — Sitting on an exercise bike staring at the wall in front of me for 45-60 minutes? No thanks.

But perhaps even worse is the fact that slow-go cardio provides:

4. No prolonged metabolic benefit — Did you know that with higher intensity exercise it is possible to continue to burn calories for up to 48 hours post workout? It’s true (and we’ll be discussing this “afterburn” effect in another post very soon). But you know what else is true? Long duration, low intensity cardio provides virtually NO prolonged elevation in metabolism. In fact, with slow-go cardio, metabolism returns to baseline almost IMMEDIATELY following the exercise session.

And finally, the reason that trumps all the others:

5. Minimal fat loss — Minimal calories burned during the session and virtually no additional calories burned afterward = minimal, if any fat loss results. And let’s be honest, the only reason anyone is doing cardio is for the “result”.

So if slow-go cardio isn’t a great solution, what is?

Short duration, high-intensity exercise. Less time, faster results — THAT’S what it’s all about.

And keep in mind, “high intensity” is relative to you. I don’t care if you’re already in great shape or if you’re 40 lbs overweight, you can exercise with intensity.

So what about you? Are you stuck doing slow-go cardio or have you embraced the benefit of much shorter, higher intensity sessions?

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Researchers at Princeton University made quite a fascinating discovery. They found that when they compared rats that exercise to rats that don’t, certain neurons responded differently among the rats that exercised.
Here’s what they did.
They put the rats into two groups. One group that was running and exercising, and another one that remained sedentary. After 6 weeks, they made them all swim in cold water, which rats don’t like (who does?).
After the rats swam, they tested their brains, and found that while all of their neurons were activated from stress, the NEW neurons, supposedly the ones created recently after the running began, did not get activated in the rats that exercised.
What does this mean? According to the scientists, the new neurons were the ones created during the period of exercise, and didn’t get activated because they were molded into becoming “stress resistant.” The point being that yes, if humans respond in […]

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When you’re looking for a protein-packed breakfast, eggs and meat seem like the most obvious choice. But if you go for the most obvious choice every single morning, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut. So on those mornings when meat and eggs aren’t what you’re craving and you wake up feeling less like a hunter and more like a gatherer, try Mark’s Daily Apple reader Doug Descant’s ingenious recipe for No-atmeal.
Pronounced “note-meal” (as in, no oatmeal) Doug’s recipe, that he submitted for the Primal Cookbook Challenge, is for all you ex-cereal lovers out there and for anyone who needs a warm bowl of comforting goodness on a cold winter morning. As Doug says, “it’s a hot meal full of essential proteins and fats, not to mention the necessary vitamins and minerals, in order to stay energized for the cold weeks ahead.”

In Doug’s recipe a blend of pecans, walnuts […]

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Leftover Turkey Soup

Ah, another Thanksgiving has come and gone. By now you’re all probably completely and utterly over turkey. I wouldn’t blame you. With the size of turkeys nowadays there’s enough meat on there to feed a whole African village! We began our gorging with the actual turkey which lead into turkey sandwiches the next day and the next. Finally taking off whatever meat is left in order to make stock with the bones, the next obvious step is to make a delicious easy soup with the stock (and if you have turkey still left over–good luck!!)
Here’s how it’s done:
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Fueling your body with healthy food. Fueling your mind with the wealth of health.
Copyright © 2009 The Healthy Irishman. All rights […]

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Some bad news today.
If you want to look better than most people, you have to do things differently than most people.
You are going to have to eat a little less and exercise a little more than most people.
Because, what most people are doing simply isn’t getting the job done.
And here is a very startling visual example from recent research:

This graph is telling you three interesting things:
1) Body fat % seems to be pretty normally distributed across the North American population (the woman’s numbers look a little skew right to me, but in general, it’s pretty even).
2) For a man, the average body fat percentage is around 25-ish%, while for a woman it’s around 40-ish%.
3) If you want to be under 12% bodyfat (men) or under 22% bodyfat (women) then you are going to have to be an outlier.
out·li·er – A value that is far from the average or mean.

Now this […]

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As part of our ongoing Primal Blueprint Fitness Video Contest Mark’s Daily Apple reader and competitive CrossFitter Blair Morrison submitted his interpretation of a Primal Blueprint Bodyweight Routine (the new contest theme is Creative Sprint Routines). He’s in the running for a cash and Primal prize package and has a one in four shot of winning.
It’s the day after Thanksgiving and you could probably use a little activity, so try out this Primal routine to get your heart pumping.
5 rounds for time:

Sprint to the top of stairs
5 burpees
Bear crawl down stairs
5 burpees

If you’d like to be featured on Mark’s Daily Apple for a chance to win Primal gear read the Primal Blueprint contest details and submit your video (fitness or recipe), real life Primal story or Primal recipe today!
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Contest Video: […]

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Health Habits P.I.

Earlier this month, Health Habits went undercover.
I approached 10 of the biggest, most powerful names in the fitness/weight loss business, and I tried to get the answer to one simple but powerful question.
But, before I get to the question, let me explain my motivation behind this little adventure.

Obviously, I am obsessed with health/fitness/weight loss
I am always searching for easier & more effective ways to help people transform their bodies from flab to fab, from fat to fit, etc…
While I think that certain ways of eating and exercising are superior to other methods, I believe that the key to improved health & fitness is consistency. The best training or diet plan is useless if you don’t follow it consistently.

So, being a wee minnow in the ocean of health & fitness, I decided to pick the brains of the giant whales of the industry.
Here’s what I did:
I emailed these fitness gurus and […]

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