I apologize for being absent the past while.  It’s been a busy last couple months, and in January…well, all hell breaks loose in January if you work in the weight loss industry.
It’s that time of year where everyone has made a resolution to lose weight and transform their bodies. And it’s the time of year where the internet is FLOODED with new diet strategies.
Some Crazy, Some Foolish, Some Dangerous…and a couple of gems.
It is also the time of year where all the new Transformation Contests start.
As you can imagine Transformation Contests + New fad diets = Recipe for diet disaster, horrible rebounds and feelings that you just can’t do it.
So, in order to do our part for helping prevent the fad crash diet mess from happening to you, John Barban and I have created a complete guide to PROPERLY managing your way through a body transformation. (This is why I […]

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