It’s time for another crazy Pilon Analogy.
Picture in your mind a 6 foot tall piece of marble – it is 3 feet in diameter…the closest thing to a perfect cylinder you will ever see. It’s a beautiful piece of rock, polished to perfection – not a single dent, crack or crevice.

Now wrap your piece of marble in a giant blanket – and what do you get? (Other than a giant piece of marble wrapped in a blanket)
Well, you get the dents, crevices and bulges that come from the blanket…not the marble.
(try as a might, I can not find a Google image of a giant piece of marble wrapped in a blanket)
Now, take away the blanket and wrap the marble slab in plastic wrap.

No matter how thin the plastic wrap is, no matter how tight, what you get is…still smooth.
Because the slab of marble underneath is smooth.(Obviously) where am I […]

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