New Year, new resolutions…and possibly some very high expectations.
I’ll be honest with you… This year will have it’s trials and tribulations.
And no matter if your resolution was/is to lose weight, be more organized, or get a new job, I promise you it wont be easy.
Heck, even if your resolution was to simplify your life and set boundries, it still won’t be easy.
Because just like every other year, 2011 will throw you some curve balls – things you simply can’t control and in no way could forsee.
So for 2011, I want you to make your resolutions, improve your life and simplify where you can, but I also want you to remember a saying for when things get tough…It’s an old Thomas Carlisle quote:
No Pressure, No Diamonds.

It’s important to control the stress in your life, but this doesn’t mean you have to back down or shy away from challenges.


Original post by Brad Pilon

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